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Who Are We?

The Select Medical Patient Safety and Quality Institute (SMPSQI) is a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) recognized by the Federal Government in accordance with the 2005 Patient Safety Act. Select Medical has formed its own PSO under the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), confirming our commitment to 'Safety First' in all that we do. The Board of Select Medical fully supports and empowers the SMPSQI to make patient safety our #1 priority.

"The Select Medical Patient Safety and Quality Institute (SMPSQI) plays an integral role in the quality and safety of care for our patients. As we face new challenges in our hospitals and across the healthcare industry as a whole, we seek to provide our operational leaders the latest in evidence-based practices and collaborative problem-solving strategies. Becoming a listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) has helped to drive continuous improvement and promote systems-level approaches in quality and safety."

Erica Hill, MPA, CPPS, CSSGB
Chief Administrative Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Select Medical doing to promote patient safety and quality?

Select Medical is committed to patient safety and quality, beginning with the Select Medical Way and the values of our organization. We have formed a PSO to further promote a culture of safety across our nationwide network of critical illness recovery and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals.

What is a PSO?

A Patient Safety Organization is a special designation by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) under CMS. The AHRQ recognizes organizations with a commitment to patient safety and quality. Select Medical has now been recognized as a PSO, reinforcing our commitment to doing our best on behalf of our patients, every day.

How does a PSO work?

The Select Medical PSO will work closely with the committees focused on safety and quality providing another layer for evaluating our processes. The PSO will work with hospitals and groups across the organization to promote a culture of safety and provide resources, newsletters and extra support, where needed.

How will the PSO affect hospital operations?

Hospitals in our organization will continue to focus on patient safety and quality. The PSO will be an additional resource, raising the bar for excellence across our organization.

What will the PSO add to our company?

Our hospitals will receive information about trends, opportunities for improvement and best practices. That's because the PSO will review data from Select Medical hospitals and others that offer this information. Our group will also identify 'best practices' at our hospitals. Each quarter, we'll wrap our findings into a PSO newsletter highlighting data and information that will help each hospital further enhance and improve its care delivery.

Is the PSO open to other hospitals or organizations outside of Select Medical?

No. The SMPSQI PSO is a 'component' PSO, meaning it's only open to Select Medical hospitals. The SMPSQI will confer with other PSOs on national initiatives providing information that drives our continuous improvement.

About Select Medical

For the past two decades, Select Medical has relentlessly driven to deliver an exceptional patient care experience, promoting healing and recovery in a compassionate environment. We have helped set the standard of excellence as it relates to post-acute care in the U.S., treating 60,000 patients daily across our network of critical illness recovery hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation centers and occupational medicine centers.

Select Medical's network of post-acute care specialty hospitals will provide data to our new PSO, allowing us to further boost quality care across the nation.

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SMPSQI is one of 87 PSO's recognized by AHRQ across the country.

Our mission, vision and values

Our Mission

Select Medical is committed to providing an exceptional patient care experience that promotes healing and recovery in a compassionate environment.

Our Vision

To serve our communities as the premier provider of adult rehabilitation care, resulting in the highest level of independence for our patients.

Our Values

  • We deliver superior quality care in all that we do.
  • We treat others as they would like to be treated.
  • We are results-oriented and achieve our objectives.
  • We are team players.
  • We are resourceful in overcoming obstacles.


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